Workforce Management

Optimize your workforce to reach excellent service levels while reducing operational costs

Making the most of available resources is a craft. With our WFM, we introduce the latest data science technologies to support your forecasting using a unique combination of historical information, projected requirements and the invaluable input of your company experts. Using our powerful operation scenario simulator you can foresee the impact of every assumption in the operation.

Versatile shift planning and scheduling tools give you the confidence to take decisions to better serve your customers while efficiently growing your business.

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An efficient and slick design

Having an central resource management view you do not have to rely on manual forms any longer. WFM obtains and collects historical data to set up forecasts, calculate staffing requirements and many other tasks.

WFM is fully integrated with our core communications platform. It can not only take full advantage of all of its the omnichannel capabilities but also gets a steady and reliable data update of the contact centre operation status in real time.

  • Optimize workforce efficiency
  • Comply with SLAs
  • Improve customer relationship