Speech Analytics

Extract treasures from your contact centre conversations

The combined information from your voice interactions can be transformed into competitive intelligence. Our speech analysis platform analyzes up to 100% of your calls to mine for useful pieces of data.

Our speech technology creates a visible positive impact on your business. Making smart use of mined information you can improve productivity and minimize resource waste.

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Speech Analysis Engine

Business intelligence

Through sophisticated seek and analyze AI algorithms, all conversations are processed to properly interpret intentions and emotions. Use the obtained information to support not only your sales but also to improve customer care and agents training.

Workforce coaching

The same technology that helps your sales thrive can be used to serve your internal processes and tutoring of your workforce. Analyzing your agents conversations gives them great insight into what they need to shape up to have more professional skills.

Catch operational issues

By automatically getting reports on the most common topics or issues your customers are getting in touch, operational, services or product problems are quickly identified.Information gathered during any type of interaction can and should be used to improve your company.

Innovative KPI visualization

An advanced way to visualize your KPIs. Through a reach glass-pane approach revealing details of the operation are shown in a way that help you focus on what is important. All conventional metrics are also made available for your convenience: time analysis, volumetric comparisons and summaries, trends, etc.

Reduce costs

Let our speech analysis system do the heavy lifting for you. Identify trends before they become a problem: that is the value proposition of Machine Learning; the one our system actually brings to reality.

Improve customers journey

Every time our speech analysis detects a recurrent issue, you are better prepared to serve your customers. We can help you identify related problems or customer segments that required a specific level of attention. Every time they get in touch, you are ever better prepared to help them fast to a satisfactory outcome.