A new customer experience

Let people reach you using their favorite tool

With so many choices you want to provide easy and accessible access for all audiences. The young prefer social networks while most adults and senior may be inclined to talk to an agent. You do not have to compromise your level of service, our Ominichannel Contact Centre gives agents the tools needed for successful high-demand contact management.

All while serving your customers from the most convenient and safe location.

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Multichannel Contact Centre
Key features
  • Omnichannel distribution
  • Universal interaction queue
  • Automatic dialing
  • Omnichannel recording
  • Intelligent self-service
  • Crosschannel supervision
  • Multichannel collaboration
  • Reporting and AI Analysis
  • Unified configuration
  • Native integrations

All interactions
One solution
The true all-in-one platform

Ominichannel Contact Centre includes all the tools needed for successful high-demand contact centre operations. It is engineered to deliver excellence in performance and customer experience. From traditional and robust dialing systems and IVRs to innovative omnichannel chatbots, voice portal and speech analytics. All driven by state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

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