Customer care Help Desk

The smoothest platform to take care of your customer needs

Maximize your customers life cycle with our customer care help desk product suite. A modern, simple and full-featured platform commited to improve customers satisfaction.

No one is happy when problems arise. Thanks to our core omnichannel capabilities, the experience of issue resolution is less bitter and more expedite. Customers can contact a service centre through their prefer channel: voice, email, chat, WhatsApp, social networks or Internet board. Agents can follow requests at ease while also using the most suitable channel to keep in contact with the customer through problem resolution.

By providing excellent service in difficult situations you show your customer how much you care for them and to what lengths you are able to go to meet their expected service levels all without overloading your service force.

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Help Desk Flow

Knowledge base microsites

Help your customers help themselves. You can create personalized microsites where customers can manage their service tickets through desktop or mobile devices. Frequently asked questions are easily accessible, easing to expedite issue resolutions and question answering.

Ticket management

Tickets are managed both simple and dynamically. Our multilingual platform enhances collaboration, straightforward follow up & escalations and canned answers for frequently asked questions.


Repetitive tasks are automated. This alone drastically dynamizes the call centre operation and makes it easier to comply with SLA. Priority management is easy to handle with out-of-the-box skill or rule-based automation of ticket categorisation and distribution.

Artificial Intelligence

Virtual assistants and omnichannel chatbots are powered by NLU (Natural Language Understanding) and Machine Learning help not only keeping SLA and detecting deviations but also providing invaluable data for real-time and post interaction service analysis.


Customers satisfaction matters. Through their customer journey you can make sure that every stage complies with all your service standards and any deviation is promptly reported and handle appropriately. People do not expect you to be perfect but they expect you to know when you are not.

Interactions recording

Compliance and quality is enhanced by omnichannel recording capabilities. You can follow a multi channel interaction from cradle to grave regardless of the customer or agents contact channels.