Omnichannel bots

Artificial Intelligence to streamline your customer experience

Use the power of specialized bots to quickly serve customers 24x7 without them having to queue for a customer representative. Our range of chatbots allows you to benefit from the most simple interactive systems or the most sophisticated AI powered chat bot able to perform high-complex operations with unmatchable precision.

We use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) tuned using state of the art machine learning and neural networks algorithms that get better with every new interaction.

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Listen to audio interactions while looking at the screen recording to asses how the request was handle. Obtain first hand information you can use to properly train and coach your agents.

Natively integrated

Our audit planning system allows you to schedule review and services analysis based on set criteria and behavior inherited from previous reports.


Our system enables skill-based evaluation with easy to use templates. The lengthy and tedious evaluation of agents performance is greatly simplified letting you focus on the most important: coaching and preparing your workforce to keep your customers happy.


An advance video and screen playback interface allows you to add localized notes, markers and labels. Quality analyst and agents can then focus on the key sections being it for performance evaluations, self-coaching or compliance.


A skills & service objectives analysis system allows you to report the result of evaluation and quality assessments. While it is key to understand each agent improving points, it is even more important to identify trends on your call centre highlighting the need for training or strategy modification.

Custom tuned

Rather than listening to hours and hours of conversations our speech based analysis engine transcribes audio interactions to search for keywords or seek for behavioral patterns based on pre-established criteria. In combination from other already text-based channels, the amount of useful information became priceless.